Motivational talk by Prof. Ogeng'o
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Date and time: 
Wed, 2019-07-03 (All day)
Location / Venue: 

Mombasa Beach Hotel

Prof. Julius Ogeng'o, Deputy Vice-Chancellor(Academic Affairs)delivering a Cheeerful Motivation Talk to members of staff and student Leaders during UNSA retreat at mombasa Beach Hotel.

Prof. Ogengo gave a cheerful motivational talk to students and staff members of University of Nairobi during UNSA retreat at Mombasa Beach Hotel that was held in June 2019. Prof. Ogeng'o challenged student Leadres to accept themselves, motivate themselves and Be self motivated. He moved the participants by his motivating words, that, "when you are self motivated, you become energetic and confident, intrinsically driven and happy to perform".

Prof. Ogeng'o stated some advantages of being self motivated; to improve performance, diverse productivity, acceptance of challenge, maintains focus. He challenged students to believe in themselves and be ready to achieve great things in their life following in the footsteps of great men like former President of United States of America, Barack Obama and former President of South Africa, the late Nelson Mandela who overcame great barriers to reach the pinnacle of success. “Never give up”, He paused.

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