What is Intellectual Property?


Research in a University serves two broad objectives; to advance the body of knowledge and to solve problems in the society.

Therefore, if you have an original idea that you have invented or created and that can be made into a product or a process that can solve a problem in the society, it is important that you seek Intellectual Property protection. 

Intellectual Property protection confers ownership of an invention or creation thus creating value. The creation of value facilitates engagement of other parties for development and marketing of the inventions and creations. The ownership created through Intellectual Property protection means that the invention or creation can also be sold to another party through various modes like licensing and assignments and the possibilities of earning royalties.

Intellectual Property Rights include;

  • Patents for solutions in any field of technology (includes new solutions, improvements, combining known products to produce a new product and new use of a known product)
  • Industrial Designs for designs;
  • Trademarks for words and logos that identify one’s goods and services in the market;
  • Copyrights for software, literally and artistic works; and,
  • New Plant Varieties for new plant varieties.

The University of Nairobi has an Intellectual Property Management Office IPMO which facilitates Intellectual Property protection and commercialization for the university community. For more information, kindly contact us on;


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