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University of Nairobi and Elgon Kenya Limited enter into a collaborative agreement towards setting up an Agricultural Technology and Innovation Center at the Faculty of Agriculture, Upper Kabete Campus. The center will contribute to the transformation of agriculture in the country by imparting hands on skills to learners on modern methods of farming and how to incorporate technology to increase yields, and save on cost and time.


On 28th October 2021, the Intellectual Property Management Office (IPMO) of University of Nairobi facilitated a meeting between representatives from the Agricultural Development Corporation (ADC), Kenya and University of Nairobi, Faculty of Agriculture. The meeting held at UoN Upper Kabete Campus was to discuss potential collaboration in commercialization of agricultural technology developed at University of Nairobi.

Elgon Kenya LTD Collaboration With University of Nairobi: Industry Academia Collaboration

On 5th October, 2021, a team from Elgon Kenya Limited led by the Managing Director, Dr. Bimal Kantaria held a meeting with the Vice-Chancellor, University of Nairobi, Prof. Stephen Kiama to discuss collaboration in developing a research and innovation center at the Faculty of Agriculture, Upper Kabete Campus. The research and innovation center will provide practical skills for the students and thereby bridge the “know-do’ gap.

IPMO Visit to Simlaw Seed Ltd

The University of Nairobi being a research intensive university generates a wide range of products and processes capable of being used in the society. The University therefore has created policies and mechanisms to engage the industry and society in order to move the research output to the society.  One such engagement is a collaboration with SIMLAW Seeds limited for moving some new technologies in agriculture to farmers.

The Global Political Economy and Africa’s Development over the Last 60 Years

Sub-Saharan Africa remains so deprived today in which ethnic conflicts, civil wars or factional leadership struggles have completely destroyed the economic and political institutions. Some countries have however maintained progressive economic development albeit sluggishly. The promise of independence has not been realized. What went wrong? What is the way forward in Africa’s Development?

Nominations for Zaka's AI Ready Academy

Zaka is on a journey to democratize Artificial Intelligence (AI) and is accepting nominations of student candidates for Zaka's AI Ready Academy in partnership with Microsoft. Faculty are welcome to nominate 10 students from UoN that will be given priority of acceptance into the program. Please send your nominations to by Friday, November 20.

Invitation to the Aspire Webinar Event 2020

The Greenhorn Mentorship Program, in partnership with the Office of Career Services, cordially invites you to the Aspire Webinar Event 2020.The conference is themed: 'The Future is here: Tech and Social Media'. It will be held on 26th and 27th NOVEMBER; 2-4PM on both days.

Day one will be on social media. An in-depth discussion and reflection on our personal tech habits. How can you maximize social media to build your personal brand?