Vision, Mission


A world-class African University and a community of scholars committed to the promotion of academic achievement and excellence in research as an embodiment of the aspirations of the Kenyan people and the global community.


A center for learning and scholarship; preparing students for academic pursuits, professional development, enhanced personal lives, and responsible global citizenship; extending the frontiers of knowledge through research, creative works, and scholarship; fostering an intellectual culture that bridges theory with practice; contributing to social, economic, and cultural development; and through intellectual products, enhances the quality of life of the people of Kenya and all humanity.


  • To protect the rights of the University, its innovators, inventors, research sponsors and the public;
  • To eliminate the infringement, improper exploitation and abuse of the University’s intellectual asset;
  • To optimize the environment and incentives for research and for creation of new knowledge;
  • To promote linkages with industry and stimulate research through developing and utilizing novel technologies and creative works for commercialization and plough back to the University;
  • To promote creativity and innovation; and
  • To ensure fair and equitable distribution of all benefits accruing from all innovations and inventions.
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