The IPMO has carry its mandate as guided by the University Intellectual Property Policy of 2006 reviewed in 2013.

Some of the achievements of the IPMO include;

Intellectual Property Protection:  The University has applied for Intellectual Property protection for more than 50 Patents and Utility Models, more than 30 trademarks, more than 20 new plant varieties and a big number of copyrights.

Intellectual Property Commercialization: The University has commercialized various technologies. This includes 11 successful technology commercialization in the field of agriculture. There are currently three ongoing negotiations on potential transfer of existing technologies.

Intellectual Property Awareness and Training: The IPMO constantly carries out awareness and training programs in the University. For example in February this year 2021, IPMO carried out an Intellectual Property commercialization training where the resource persons came from industry and successful innovation entities. The training was open to all students and staff in the University.

Intellectual Property audit:  The University carried out an Intellectual Property audit of the University in 2017. The audit was done with collaboration with the World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO. Some of the findings of the audit included, a substantial number of potential commercializable research output and the weaknesses in the IP policy that need to be revised. It especially recommended creating a stronger environment for supporting Intellectual Property commercialization.  This was the first IP audit for an institution in Kenya.