Annual Progress Report 2020/2021


The office has activated  and initiated  the following  commercialization initiatives of IPs during this period with following entities ;

  • MEA Ltd
  • Kenya Seed Company
  • SIMLAW Seeds Ltd
  • Elgon Kenya Ltd
  • Gicheha Farms Ltd
  • Collaboration proposals to Equity Foundation, KCB Foundation and Safaricom Foundation.
  • Bean demo field at CAVS
  • Engaging inventors to work out how their inventions can be commercialized

2.0  Collaboration and partnership proposals

IPMO has made proposals with concepts for collaboration in bean seed commercialization to the three entities:

  1. Equity Foundation
  2. KCB Foundation
  3. Safaricom Foundation

3.0 Bean demo field at CAVS

College of Agriculture and Veterinary Science  and IPMO have proposed to have a bean demo field at CAVS  for students and to act as farmers field station in effort to create awareness about new beans varieties as well training of students 

4.0  Engaging inventors to work out how their inventions can be commercialized

The office of IPMO has come up with a list of protected inventions which have a high potential for commercialization. We have adopted a strategy to engage with inventors initially. one such case in point is with the team from college of engineering developing a medical ventilator.


5.0 IP applications have been filed in KIPI.

the following intellectual property from university community have been filed with KIPI :

  • Patents/utility models  8  in number
  • Trade marks 28 in number


3.0 Training and awareness creation among university community

The IPMO has carried out trainings on Intellectual Property Commercialization and also has constantly created awareness on Intellectual Property through the following;

  • Daily responding to inquiries on phone, email, in person and through virtual meetings
  • IPMO has started a series of sensitization emails with a message on Intellectual Property that goes to all staff through corporate affairs. The message also provides a forum for asking questions.  The first message has already been distributed and feedback received
  • Updating of IPMO website
  • Carried out a training on IP commercialization in February
  • IPMO gave presentations during the Post graduate supervisors and students
  • IPMO has planned for a WEBNAR to be held in May 2021 for innovation for social scientists for CHSS and has already gotten the resource persons and panel mostly from industry
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