Intellectual Property Management Office (IPMO) was established in 2009, to protect Intellectual Property(IP) from the research output of university community including researchers, staff and students. The operations of IPMO are guided by Intellectual Property policy developed in 2006 and reviewed in 2013.

The mandate of the IPMO includes;

  • To protect the Intellectual Property Rights of the University, its innovators, inventors, plant breeders and research sponsors; and,
  • To facilitate commercialization of inventions and creations through: creating linkages between inventors/creators with industry for collaboration in development and commercialization of their inventions/creations and facilitating technology licensing processes.

Since its inception the Intellectual Property Management Office has protected many intellectual properties for academic staff, students, and other researcher’s across various disciplines. Some of the protected IPs has been converted to products and processes that solve society problems. These products and processes have been commercialized for the benefit of the researcher, the University and the society. Before commercialization IPs are protected through IPMO office as per the law, so that the researcher does not lose rights to invention and innovation

The IPMO is currently headed by a Director, supported by an IP Management Officer and an Administrative Assistant. Currently our offices are located at the  University of Nairobi Towers, 15th Floor. You can reach us on email,  for more information on protecting your Intellectual Property.


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