IPMO signs 2019/2020 PC

Prof. Mulaa receives his signed PC 2019/2020

Intellectual Property Management Office Director, Prof. Francis Mulaa was among the 185 unit heads in the University of Nairobi that signed their performance contracts with the ag. Vice-Chancellor for the financial year 2019/2020.

IPMO office deals with registering patents, trademarks and copyrights. The office assists students, staff and researchers within the University community in protecting their Intellectual Property before commercialization.

Prof. Isaac Mbeche, ag. Vice-Chancellor, said that the performance contracts was in line with the 16th cycle performance contracting guidelines for FY 2019/2020, which informs the university’s corporate performance contract which was negotiated and vetted with the government on September 11, 2019.

“The Performance contracts have been negotiated and cascaded from the corporate UoN Performance contract for FY 2019/2020,” he announced. “

The Chair of Council, Prof. Julia Ojiambo led Council Members in witnessing the signing of the contracts.

“The University performance contract has been negotiated in a manner that it; resonates with the public expectations, demonstrates progressive achievement of the Medium Term Plan III targets, Sector Performance Standards (SPS), Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Strategic Plan, and other national development priorities; benchmarks with international best practices and fully aligned to the University budget,” observed Prof. Ojiambo.