IPMO Holds a Commercialization Training For College Management and Researchers

The Intellectual Property Management Office (IPMO), University of Nairobi, held an Intellectual Property Commercialization training for members of the Colleges’ Management and Researchers on 5th and 6th March 2020. The purpose of the training was to impart knowledge on intellectual property identification, the value of intellectual property protection, important aspects of a business plan, product development and testing,  concept feasibility, branding and marketing, legal considerations, innovation incubation and how to asses a potential product for commercialization. The resource persons for the training were drawn from the Industry, incubation entities, legal and business experts.

The University is building a culture of carrying out research with intention of solving problems in the society in addition to building the body of knowledge. The University is also in the process of putting in place systems and an environment that will facilitate development and commercialization of research output. Currently the University has an Intellectual Property Policy under which is established an Intellectual Property Management Office IPMO. The IPMO protects the Intellectual Property of the University and also facilitates the commercialization of the Intellectual Property. In addition, the IPMO processes material transfer agreements MTAs and creates awareness on intellectual Property within the University community.