Available Technologies

The following technologies have Intellectual Property protection and are ready for commercialization. The University of Nairobi is willing to take on board partners in the commercialization process of the technologies. The partnership can be in the form of licensing, assignments, spinoffs and collaboration in technology development.  

Only the titles of the inventions is provided here and for more details, kindly contact the UON Intellectual Property Management Office  at  ipmo@uonbi.ac.ke


Patents and Utility Models

(Title only)

  1. in silico sequence based methods for atomic level high resolution three dimensional structure of an organelle used for design of small molecules targeting RNA
  2. Three To Six In One Column Apparatus for use in a laboratory
  3. Eco- friendly and Clean Method of Processing Hides and Fish Skins into Leather Using Alkaline Protease Enzyme
  4. Increasing essential long chain fatty acids through fortification of yoghurt with omega-3 pufa from Nile Perch oil
  5. Oxygen concentration device
  6. Indoor green house
  7. Use of garlic extracts and their antimicrobial activity to increase shelf life of meat
  8. Slow release fertilizer composite using biodegradable super absorbent polymer
  9. Multi-Nozzle Electro-Hydrodynamic atomization system
  10. A hand sanitizing Antiseptic with Zinc Oxide-Silver Nano-composite as an active ingredient
  11. Formulation for orally disintegrating Pediatric  Paracetamol tables
  12. Elctro-Mechanical delivery bed
  13. Orange fleshed sweet potato thickened yoghurt
  14. Water Filtration System
  15. Antimicrobial agents produced by xenorhadbus griffiniae strain XN45
  16. Low energy input brick cooler
  17. Gas cylinder transportation rack
  18. Handcart convertible to a kiosk or sale stall
  19. Electro HydroDynamic Atomization-Solar Distillation/Desalination
  20. Reusable sanitary pads
  21. Differential pulse anodic stripping voltammetric sensor using polyacrylic acid/glassy carbon electrode for simultaneous analysis of lead(ii), cadmium (ii) and cobalt (ii) ions
  22. Phototherapy unit
  23. Selective recognition of mercury (11) ions using rhenium (1) complexes appended to oxathiacrown ether ligands
  24. Use of coconut oil in control of tungiasis
  25. Compact Crop Solar Drier and Silo
  26. Maize pellet for storage insect pest control
  27. Plants extracts root canal irrigants
  28. Solid state lithium ion batteries
  29. Propagation media mixer for use in agriculture
  30. Food products from Guava including yoghurt, jam, flakes, nectar, ice-cream and wine
  31. Fresh produce Solar Cooler

New plant varieties

The University of Nairobi has produced a substantial number of new plant varieties. These include more than 50 new bean varieties. The new bean varieties are in the categories dry bean bush, climbing beans, canning beans, biofortified beans (bush), biofortified Climbing beans, snap Beans (French  beans) and pigeonpea. At least 20 have undergone all the necessary certifications and are ready for the market. 10 new bean varieties have already been licensed and are being produced and marketed.


Only the titles of the inventions is provided here and for more details, kindly contact the UON Intellectual Property Management Office  at  ipmo@uonbi.ac.ke

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